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damp proofingThe two most common forms of damp which affects buildings is Lateral and Rising damp.

Rising damp is a condition where moisture travels from the ground up through the pores in the mortar and bricks of a building, once this form of damp becomes established over time, this moisture results in damp patches on wall surfaces, peeling paint and in the long term plaster falling away from the wall surface and building structure.

Lateral damp is caused by the ground level being higher on the external side of the wall surface, which allows the moisture in the soil on the opposite side of the wall to penetrate through the wall causing damage to the internal wall surface. One of the main causes of penetrating damp is the incorrect installation, deterioration or omission of the vertical damp course. This results in paint flaking, bubbling and efflorescence appearing on the wall surfaces.

The symptoms of rising damp and lateral damp can at times be confused by non-professionals. Each form of dampness requires a different treatment methodology. That is why it is crucial that an expert is called in to investigate and then diagnose the most effective treatment system.


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